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The drive to develop and deliver innovative products and services in the future will be fueled increasingly by companies’ ability to acquire and analyze vast amounts of structured and un-structured data. Large and small enterprises are racing to acquire this capability by leveraging the vast computing power of the public cloud and by re-engineering their data centers into private clouds.

Whatever the need — from switching to transport — Prirex supplies the technology to create, manage, control, and optimize voice, video, and data sessions simultaneously

Service providers require highly reliable, field-proven products when delivering services. Two examples of service applications in which Prirex® products can help are Wholesale IP Peering, a traditional profit area for service providers, and SIP Trunking, a relatively new service that is growing quickly and has excellent potential since it appeals to enterprises searching for new ways to lower costs and increase efficiency.Unified Communications and Contact Centers

UC can be  a wide range of next generation enterprise communication applications and services which can include unified messaging, conferencing, IP-PBX functionality, FoIP servers, and mobility solutions which can be located on customer premises, in hosted data centers or in the service provider networks. These UC solutions rely on advanced IP media processing technologies and network connectivity solutions that enable them to interoperate in hybrid network environments that makes up today’s enterprise and public voice and data networks.

Cloud Communications are advancing at a rapid rate. Not only are traditional on-premise enterprise solutions being delivered through cloud-based deployments by service providers, but new services from mobile operators are generally launched in the cloud. This continuing migration towards the mobile cloud supports better access to services from all devices, fixed or mobile.  Servicing the worldwide growth in mobile communications that is moving to fast, efficient, cloud-based services will be a requirement for service providers to ensure their subscribers get the experience they expect.

Using Cloud, service providers can increase the range of services they offer while maximizing the use of the data center infrastructure they have, while the enterprises benefiting and using services in the cloud can reduce equipment and maintenance costs and move from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model.

Cloud communications services can range from Voice over IP (VoIP) to PBX and Unified Communications that satisfy voice, fax, video, and data requirements. Examples of cloud-based communications services can also include:

  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Contact Center
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Outbound Notification

Dialogic enables cost-effective cloud-based services as an alternative to premise-based services with its leading media processing and gateway products. Dialogic® technology is field-proven for reliability and easy scalability and supports advanced features such as video and HD voice.

Contact centers today must deliver superior customer care while controlling costs and increasing agent productivity. Contact centers may also make outbound sales and marketing calls, or conduct surveys. They are also used to promote public safety.

Power Fast, Accurate, and Scalable Searching With Prirex Big Data Applications

Big Data provides a tremendous help to organizations making critical decisions that drive their businesses. At the same time, Big Data requires storing and efficiently processing terabytes or exabytes of unstructured data, which creates an extraordinary challenge for CTOs and Network Operators, requiring new and innovative technologies.

The Big Data framework is comprised of distributed file systems, databases, and data mining algorithms. For a successful implementation, Big Data deployments require a highly scalable, high-performance, and easy to manage interconnect, advanced turn-key management solutions, and familiar visualization tools.