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Network Infrastructure

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To allow service providers to deploy multimedia services smoothly over disparate networks with minimal overhead and downtime, Prirex offers an open-standards softswitch, bandwidth-optimized media gateways, a highly efficient session border controller, and a specialized video gateway. For smaller networks, Prirex provides a gateway that integrates both signaling and media processing and can provide border element functions such as transcoding.

To its software-based control system, Prirex adds media gateways that include premier bandwidth and codec optimization that can reduce costs significantly in the access and core portions of the network. A specialized video gateway converts pictures and video streams from one type of compression format to another, and from one type of network to another, thereby seamlessly enabling the delivery of video between different network generations and multiple types and sizes of devices and screens.

To protect revenue streams from security attacks, service providers need to make security for all IP-based network services a top priority. However, most of today’s IP network security systems are not built to support the scalability or performance required in service provider networks. The lack of scale and performance increases network and operational costs and can also degrade the performance of the network, negatively impacting revenue-generating services.

Service providers require highly reliable, field-proven products when delivering services. Two examples of service applications in which Prirex® products can help are Wholesale IP Peering, a traditional profit area for service providers, and SIP Trunking, a relatively new service that is growing quickly and has excellent potential since it appeals to enterprises searching for new ways to lower costs and increase efficiency.