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Cisco backpedals after uproar, drops cloud from default router setting

We told you earlier today about how Cisco is pushing a cloud-based WiFi router management service onto customers of certain Linksys devices—and that to use the service customers must agree to a list of anti-porn and anti-piracy clauses. The trouble is that for customers with automatic firmware updates turned on, the traditional (and very useful) router management tools available in a Web browser at the address became completely unavailable. Instead, …Read More

Cloud Computing? Intelligent Innovation – Connect Everywhere! | ExVPs

The key to providing public, virtual private, or hybrid cloud solutions to your customers is ensuring that applications and resources are delivered on time and without interruption. The Cloud Intelligent Network (CIN) is based on Cisco experience and leadership in routing, switching, and network management. It allows you to effectively meet the growing complexity and demands of the movement to cloud-based services. With the Cloud Intelligent Network, you will be able to: …Read More

Cisco and Citrix Extend Partnership into Networking, Cloud and Mobility

Over the past two years, Cisco and Citrix have collaborated to deliver significant innovation into the market. Now we are excited to accelerate our partnership into cloud, networking and mobility.  Padmasree Warrior Chief Technology and Strategy Officer-Cisco ARCELONA, Spain – Today at Citrix Synergy™, the conference where mobile workstyles and cloud services meet, Cisco and Citrix announced a significant expansion of their successful desktop virtualization partnership into three strategic areas: cloud …Read More

Data Science: Neither Elementary Nor Magic

A recent GigaOm post, “Why becoming a data scientist might be easier than you think”, has fired up considerable debate in the community. Just from reading the headline, you can probably infer why. Derrick Harris points to the success of a handful of programming neophytes who won Kaggle competitions after taking a class on Coursera, a free online machine learning course co-founded by Stanford professor Andrew Ng. “Maybe the business world …Read More

IT Transformation: It’s Real and It’s Rapid

Back in 2010, “Journey to the Private Cloud” was the theme of EMC World, and for the first time, EMC executives painted a vision for the IT Transformation brought about by the move to cloud.  From my vantage point, it created mixed emotions in the audience. To many, it just seemed impossible that a mature Information Technology industry would really undergo such a dramatic change. Things evolve in the IT world – nottransform rapidly – at …Read More

Big Data Is Transforming Healthcare

NEW YORK CITY — Big Data is all around us. It’s in the way we shop, do our finances, and tweet. What does Big Data even mean, you ask? To some, it’s more information than your laptop can handle. Others define it as melding data from different sources and seeing what patterns emerge. “I’m a photographer, so that [explanation] didn’t mean much to me,” said Rick Smolan Oct. 15 here …Read More

Cisco acquires WiFi data firm ThinkSmart Technologies

Networking kingpin Cisco announced on Wednesday that it had acquired ThinkSmart Technologies, a company that analyzes location data by using WiFi technology. ThinkSmart’s tech reviews a network’s infrastructure by evaluating the movement of its users, traffic patterns and hours of operation. The firm then uses these analytics to help companies optimize network and staffing configurations for business operations — a long way of saying that it’s smart enough to tell a company …Read More