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Big Data



Businesses that exploit Big Data to improve strategy and execution are distancing themselves from competitors. The Big Data solution from Prirex provides market-leading scale-out storage, a unified analytics platform, and business process and application development tools. Together, these allow organizations to draw deeper insights and become a more predictive organization.

Learn about Prirex’s products in the context of high-performance database requirements, application profiles, and industry needs. Explore case studies and whitepapers describing how our technology powers the world’s most challenging applications.

The strength of Prirex is managing complex information models in distributed databases with extreme performance – fundamental to Big Data applications.

Dirk Bartels, Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing

Most analytic applications can only provide information on direct relational correlations, such as who bought which product or which transaction happened when. Enterprises need to deepen their understanding of data by examining context to add information on why events happened as they did, and what patterns of events generate what outcomes. Faster business execution can be achieved by automating decision management and by conditioning application behavior with real-time analytics; such analytics may involve relationship analysis, deep mining of streaming data and other non traditional content; such capability is well beyond the scope of conventional relational DBMS.