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Find out how Prirex delivers higher performance, supports mission critical 24/7 deployments and achieves up to 40% higher developer productivity and more.

Pricing and Options 
Enterprise & ISV/OEM technology licenses are available. Versant’s configurable deployment system is customizable to support the license model that fits your business and production needs.
Total Cost of Ownership
See how the Prirex products performance lowers your total cost of ownership for your business operations, shortens your time to market and lowers your software maintenance efforts.
Measurable Proof
How we help customers succeed and how we stack up against traditional collaboration systems is well documented–after all what’s measured is what matters. Go see for yourself.
What Our Customers
Say The difference between a good software architect and a great one is not just making smart tool decisions. Designing applications to scale and evolving architectural models are keys to success. Find out why businesses choose Prirex.